Here are the necessary FORMS.
Below is a detailed description of the steps which you
need to take to join SADDA and SAWDA,
SAWDA Membership Form (to register dog)
SADDA Membership Form (PDF) (to register human)
SADDA Membership Form (Word) (to register human)
SADDA Entry Form (PDF)
SADDA Entry Form (Word)
SADDA Application to hold Titling Event
SADDA Application to affiliate a club
Scroll down for DIAGRAM of affiliation to South African Working Dogs Association
Scroll down for NATIONAL HOLISTIC LOG of legs and titles and allocation of SADDA MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS
How to join SADDA and how to enter COMPETITIONS

The dog with which you want to compete, needs to join the SA WORKING DOGS ASSOCIATION (SAWDA), so fill out the SAWDA Membership Form.  R80 per dog for the life of that dog.   The dog then gets allocated a number.  Once the dog is registered with SAWDA, he/she can then take part in any of the other dog sports offered under the SAWDA umbrella.

Monies for "dog registration" are to be paid into SAWDA account :  Standard Bank, Savings Account, 346663040, Branch Code 053721
Fax or e-mail FORM and DEPOSIT SLIP to Riette Mohr : fax : 051 430 4957 and e-mail is :
Riette will e-mail you a number for your dog, it will have 12 characters, made up of numbers and letters.
Once you receive the SAWDA number for your dog, you send that number along with your SADDA application to

Then you, as the handler need to join the SA DOG DANCING ASSOCIATION (SADDA), so you fill out the SADDA Membership Form, and then you also get allocated a number, which is recorded in your Record Book.  Fees are R120 per member per year, OR R70 per pensioner per year. Membership runs from July to June each year, and each year you need to re-new your membership by the end of June.
Monies for "human registration" are paid into the following bank account:
South African Dog Dancing Association (SADDA), Standard Bank, 003894029 Ref No. [Your name and surname] Membership.
Then you e-mail FORM and DEPOSIT SLIP to

You'll then get sent your SADDA Record Book, which you keep and take along with you to each competition.  All your winnings and titles are recorded in your Record Book.  The Record Books are administered by the SA Dog Dancing Association, and will be sent to you free of charge, no matter where you are in South Africa.  

To enter a competition, you simply complete the SADDA Entry Form.
Please Note : that to take part in any competition hosted by SADDA, you don't necessarily have to be a member of any specific "dog dancing club", you only need to be a member of SADDA, and your dog needs to be a member of SAWDA.
You can also enter a competition with a dog which belongs to someone else, as long as you (handler) have a SADDA number, and the dog has a SAWDA number.
Please Also Note : that whilst you, as a competitor, don't necessarily have to be a member of any specific club, the club that is hosting the event, must be registered with, and affiliated to SADDA, (details below).




What to do if you want to host a SADDA Titling Event

Any club, anywhere within South Africa can host a SADDA Titling Event, but in order to do so, the first step is to affiliate your club with SADDA. The form to affiliate your club is given at the top of this page.
The fee to affiliate your club with the SA Dog Dancing Association is R100 per year (1 July to 30 June). The club is then responsible for setting up the infrastructure for that event, and organising everything pertaining to that event.
Monies for club affiliation are payable to South African Dog Dancing Association (SADDA), Standard Bank, 003894029 Ref No. [Club Name] Club Affiliation.
Please send form and deposit slip to

Once you have affiliated your club with SA Dog Dancing Association, you then have to fill out a form to host an official Titling Event.  The form to host a Titling Event is given at the top of this page.
Please Note, that this is only applicable to a Titling Event, if you want to host a fun club event, or a club "practicing" event, then there is no need for any forms, or any fees to SADDA, but then again, remember that at a club fun event, competitors may not receive legs or titles. 
Cost to host a Titling Event is R100 per event (so if you host two events per day, then the fee is R200), and those monies are paid by the hosting club to the SA Dog Dancing Association with Ref No. [Club Name] Titling Event.
Again, send the form and deposit slip to

Naturally, as with any event, there is paperwork to be taken into consideration.   Paperwork involved includes :-   
1. Record Books
2. Score Sheets
3. Dance Card
4. Feedback of Results
RECORD BOOKS - each competitor will have their Record Books in their possession, and they must bring it with them to the Titling Event.  The Record Book is the responsibility of the competitor.  If the competitor receives a leg or a title at a Titling Event, the judge needs to sign the Record Book accordingly, and hand it back to the competitor.
SCORE SHEETS - The person responsible for co-ordinating all the logistics of the Titling Event needs to contact, and supply a postal address. The Score Sheets will be posted (registered) to that address.
The Score Sheets need to be filled out in triplicate by the judge.  One copy for the competitor, one copy for the hosting club, and one copy for SADDA records (to be sent to
DANCE CARD - The person responsible for the co-ordination of the Titling Event needs to draw up a Dance Card (running order) of all competitors. This Dance Card needs to be handed to the judge before commencement of the Titling Event, and a copy needs to be sent to along with the Feedback Report. 
FEEDBACK REPORT - this comprises of two things (1) a listing of who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the relevant classes can be drawn up in an e-mail and sent to (2) a list of competitors and their scores need to be sent to as well.  

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